Torque wrenches: reverting to zero after use

After using a Torque Wrench, it is important to wind 

it back to the zero setting for several reasons:

1. Calibration: torque wrenches need to be calibrated 

regularly to ensure accurate torque measurements. 

Returning the wrench to zero relieves any residual tension in 

the internal mechanism, helping maintain its calibration and accuracy over time.

2. Storage: When storing a torque wrench, setting it back to zero prevents 

unnecessary stress on its internal components. Leaving the wrench at a non-zero setting 

for an extended period can lead to fatigue and potentially affect its Performance and accuracy.


3. Longevity: Releasing tension from the torque wrench after use can help prolong its lifespan.

Continuous stress on the internal spring or mechanism when left at a 

set torque value may cause premature wear or failure of the tool.

4. Safety: Resetting the torque wrench to zero ensures that it is ready for 

accurate use during subsequent applications. If a torque wrench is not reset,

there is a risk of inadvertently applying incorrect or inconsistent torques, 

which can compromise safety and result in overtightening or undertightening of fasteners.

By winding back a torque wrench to zero after each use, you promote accuracy, extend

its lifespan, and enhance safety in future applications. It is an essential practice

that should be followed consistently for optimal performance and reliability of your torque wrench.

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