How to use a torque wrench

1. A Torque Wrench is a precision tightening tool that should never be used for loosening bolts. 

It is designed to apply a specific amount of torque to fasteners, ensuring accurate and consistent tightening.

2. Treat your torque wrench with the same care as you would a measurement instrument. 

Always store it in its designated storage box or case to protect it from any potential shocks or damage.

3. At the end of each day or when the torque wrench is not in use, it is recommended to 

reset it to the lowest value to release any residual tension on the internal components.

4. When using a torque wrench, employ only one hand and maintain a smooth and continuous motion

throughout the tightening process. Many torque wrenches have a marked handle

indicating where pressure should be applied for optimal Performance.


5. Avoid using extensions on the handle of a torque wrench as this can compromise 

the accuracy of the set value being signaled by the tool.

6. While a torque wrench helps prevent over-tightening, it does not eliminate the possibility entirely.

When reaching the required torque, the torque control system will activate, resulting in an audible

click sound from the tool. If you hear this click without moving or applying additional force, 

it indicates that over-tightening has already occurred. In such cases, it is best practice to start

over by loosening the bolt first, then using an appropriate tool for tightening before

finishing with the torque wrench to achieve precise and safe torquing.

By following these guidelines and treating your torque wrench as a sensitive instrument,

you can ensure accurate and reliable fastener tightening while prolonging 

its lifespan and maintaining its effectiveness for future use.

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