hydraulic torque wrench pressure relief methods and maintenance precautions

Author: Time:2023-06-26 Tag: Hydraulic Torque Wrench

How to release pressure of a Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The main reason for hydraulic Torque Wrench not being able to apply pressure is that they are blocked. 

Some users may try to use a hammer to release it, which not only damages the wrench but also seriously affects the safety of the on-site operators.

In fact, there is a small and inconspicuous part on the driving hydraulic torque wrench, which is the trigger release. 

Many people do not notice that the trigger release is located on both sides of the hydraulic torque wrench. 

Its main function is to easily remove the hydraulic torque wrench when it gets stuck and cannot be taken off.

The specific steps to release pressure of a hydraulic torque wrench are as follows: 

Before encountering this situation, check the pressure of the hydraulic wrench pump beforehand. 

Then, apply pressure to the previous pressure at the pump station before the hydraulic torque wrench gets blocked.

Even if the high-pressure oil suction key does not solve the problem, use your hand to release the trigger release. 

At this time, the hydraulic torque wrench can be smoothly removed from the nut.


maintenance precautions for hydraulic torque wrench:

1. When using a hydraulic wrench, if it is simply leaking, you can replace the internal sealing parts to repair the hydraulic wrench. In general, the repair cost is low and the speed is fast. After maintenance, the hydraulic wrench can be used for a long time.

2. When the hydraulic wrench connection pump station does not rotate, consider whether it is caused by the failure of the euro system or the wear of the one-way valve of the fast joint. Replace the hydraulic wrench fast joint in this situation. Usually, in this case, the repair cost is low, and the repair speed is fast.

3. The other situation is the damage of the hardware inside the wrench. It mainly involves the wear and tear, fracture, deformation of the spring, deformation or breakage of the cylinder hook. In this situation, the cost of repairing the hydraulic wrench is a bit expensive, but the repair value is higher than that of replacing a new one.

4. The last situation is the damage or malfunction of the hydraulic wrench itself. In this case, the repair cost of the hydraulic wrench is relatively high, plus labor costs, parts costs, etc., making it almost the same as purchasing a new hydraulic wrench. In this situation, it is not recommended to repair.

Maintenance and care of hydraulic torque wrench: 

The above content provides several common hydraulic wrench repair instructions.

As everyone becomes familiar with it, the maintenance and care of hydraulic torque wrench also need to be done regularly.

For example, after each operation, check whether the hydraulic oil pipe is ruptured and leaking, and regularly clean the dirty joints. 

After the hydraulic wrench has finished working, quickly remove the drive shaft, clean it, and apply some yellow grease to prevent rust and unnecessary damage to the drive shaft.

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