Types of Manual Torque Wrenches

There are several types of manual torque wrenches available,

each designed for specific applications and torque ranges. 

Here are some common types:

1.Beam Type Torque Wrench: This type of torque wrench uses 

a simple mechanical design consisting of a long lever arm

with a marked scale and a pointer. The applied torque is

indicated by the deflection of the lever arm, which is proportional

to the force applied. It is relatively simple and inexpensive 

but may lack the precision and convenience of other types.

2.Click-Type Torque Wrench: Click-type torque wrenches are widely

used due to their accuracy and ease of use. They feature a click 

mechanism that produces an audible "click" sound when the preset

torque value is reached during tightening. Once the click is heard, 

it indicates that the desired torque has been achieved, 

prompting the user to stop applying force.

3.Dial-Type Torque Wrench: Dial-type torque wrenches have a dial indicator

that displays the applied torque directly on a circular dial face in 

real-time as you tighten or loosen fasteners. They provide precise readings

and are commonly used in applications where accurate torquing is critical.


4.Electronic Torque Wrench: Electronic torque wrenches incorporate electronic 

components for more advanced functionality and accuracy. They often feature an

LCD or digital display that shows real-time measurements in various units 

(such as ft-lbs or Nm). Some models may offer additional features like data storage,

programmable presets, and even wireless connectivity for data transfer.

5.Cam-Over Torque Wrench: Cam-over wrenches are designed to prevent

over-tightening by slipping at a preset torque value rather than producing 

an audible click or indicating on a scale directly. When reaching the set value, 

these wrenches disengage momentarily before re-engaging 

at lower tension, preventing excessive torquing.

6.Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrench: Micro-adjustable wrenches allow

fine-tuning of torque settings within their specified range using 

micrometer-like adjustments on their handles or heads. 

This feature provides greater flexibility when working 

with specific tolerances requiring precise torques.

SAIVS's Manual Torque Wrench provides users with an excellent torque 

application experience with its excellent accuracy, reliability, and durability

It is a trustworthy assistant in both professional work environments and 

daily repair and maintenance. If you have any questions about manual 

torque wrenches, please contact us at any time!

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