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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - TG Series-1-SAIVSHydraulic Bolt Tensioners - TG Series-2-SAIVSHydraulic Bolt Tensioners - TG Series-3-SAIVSHydraulic Bolt Tensioners - TG Series-4-SAIVS

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - TG Series

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  • Bolt Range: 3/4"- 4" M20-M100

    Load Capacity: 228-2643KN

    Stroke: 10-15mm

    Max. Operating Pressure: 1500bar / 21756.05 psi

    Weight: 1.9- 36.4 KG


    Country of Origin:China

    Minimum Order:1Piece



Interchangeable type, Gravity restoration.Light weight and compact structure suits operations in small space.

Special steel body and advanced surface treatment with perfect rust and corrosion resistance.

Strong versatility and high adaptability.

Synchronous application available.

Default maximum working pressure of 1500 bar fits high pressure manual pump, high pressure pneumatic pump and high pressure electric pump.





Please select the adaptor kit with the load cell.

Example, to order a complete tensioner for a M20X25 threaded bolt order:

Load cell: TG1

Adaptor kit: TG1-M2025

If you also want a stretch cylinder to fit a variety of bolt specifications, please select a variety of stretch heads according to the parameter list.

These products operate at ultra-high pressure, use only the specified fitting and hoses designed for these pressure. 

PTE series ultra-high pressure electric pump,SPAT series ultra-high pressure air pump can be selected.

Optional SPS series manual pump, SPS 16-1, SPS 16-3 for Bolt Tensioners also can be selected.


Load Cell
                Model Number
Adaptor Kit
       Model Number
Thread SizeAdaptor Kit
       Model Number
Bolt LoadRam AreaStrokeWeightABCDEFG
TG1TG1-0750 U103/4"-10UNCM20x2.5TG1-M2025227.81 2.3541518.76 102.0 73.521.0 67.0 71.0 456249.5
TG1-0875 U097/8"-9UNCM22x2.5TG1-M22251.9 24.0 64.0 71.0 6353
TG1-1000 U081"-8UNM24x3TG1-M24301.9 24.0 69.0 78.0 6958.5
TG1-1125 U081.1/8"-8UNM27x3TG1-M27301.9 24.0 66.0 79.0 7463.5
TG2TG2-1125 U081.1/8"-8UNM27x3TG2-M2730443.00 4.5782953.69 154.8 10227.0 85.0 92.0 548267.6

M30x3.5TG2-M30354.9 32.0 85.0 93.0 8569
TG2-1250 U081.1/4"-8UNM33x3.5TG2-M33354.6 31.0 84.0 95.0 8572
TG2-1375 U081.3/8"-8UNM36x4TG2-M36404.6 34.0 84.0 98.0 9178
TG2-1500 U081.1/2"-8UNM39x4TG2-M39404.7 36.5 82.0 100.0 9080
TG3TG3-1500 U081.1/2"-8UNM39x4TG3-M3940810.85 8.3795405.70 159.5 13336.5 98.0 109.0 569783.5
TG3-1625 U081.5/8"-8UNM42x4.5TG3-M42459.0 37.5 93.0 107.0 11092.5
TG3-1750 U081.3/4"-8UNM45x4.5TG3-M45459.3 40.5 98.5 116.0 11598
TG3-1875 U081.7/8"-8UNM48x5TG3-M48509.0 42.5 95.0 116.0 116101
TG3-2000 U082"-8UNM52x5TG3-M52508.6 50.0 93.5 117.0 120106
TG4TG4-1875 U081.7/8"-8UNM48x5TG4-M48501273.16 13.1598489.96 1516.1 16343.5 106.0 118.0 57130108
TG4-2000 U082"-8UNM52x5TG4-M525015.7 46.0 102.5 117.0 124108
TG4-2250 U082.1/4"-8UNM56x5.5TG4-M565515.8 55.0 103.0 123.0 134118.5

M60x5.5TG4-M605518.3 54.0 121.5 145.5 150127
TG4-2500 U082.1/2"-8UNM64x6TG4-M646015.1 58.0 102.5 130.0 147130.5
TG5TG5-2500 U082.1/2"-8UNM64x6TG5-M64601828.99 18.90512196.45 1522.7 19364.0 107.5 133.0 60147130.5

M68x6TG5-M686023.6 80.0 111.0 141.0 160138
TG5-2750 U082.3/4"-8UNM72x6TG5-M726024.7 72.0 115.0 147.0 161143
TG5-3000 U083"-8UNM76x6TG5-M766022.2 77.0 108.0 146.0 170153
TG6TG6-3000 U083"-8UNM76x6TG6-M76602643.43 27.32317627.48 1538.5 23377.0 120.0 153.0 64170153

M80x6TG6-M806038.3 78.0 117.0 154.0 178155.5
TG6-3250 U083.1/4"-8UNM85x6TG6-M856038.1 78.0 114.0 154.0 182165.5
TG6-3500 U083.1/2"-8UNM90x6TG6-M906037.0 86.0 114.0 160.0 191174.5
TG6-3750 U083.3/4"-8UNM95x6TG6-M956037.0 99.0 116.0 168.0 210183.5
TG6-4000 U084"-8UNM100x6TG6-M1006036.4 105.0 116.0 174.0 220200



what is a hydraulic bolt tensioner?

answer: a hydraulic bolt tensioner is a tool used to tighten bolts in applications where high tension and precision are required. it works by applying a specific amount of force directly to the bolt, resulting in more accurate and consistent tensioning.

do i need specialized training to use hydraulic bolt tensioners?

answer: yes, it's recommended to receive specialized training before using hydraulic bolt tensioners. improper use can result in incorrect tensioning and potential safety hazards. training should cover proper usage, maintenance, and safety procedures.

what types of applications are hydraulic bolt tensioners used for?

answer: hydraulic bolt tensioners are commonly used in applications where precision and high tension are required, such as in critical infrastructure projects or heavy machinery. some common industries that use hydraulic bolt tensioners include aerospace, automotive, construction, and energy.

can hydraulic bolt tensioners be used on all types of bolts?

answer: while hydraulic bolt tensioners can be used on most types of bolts, it's important to match the correct size and type of tensioner to the specific bolt being tightened. different bolt sizes and material compositions may require different tensioning techniques or tools.

how do i maintain my hydraulic bolt tensioner?

answer: regular maintenance of hydraulic bolt tensioners is necessary to ensure optimal performance and prolong their lifespan. maintenance tasks may include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, inspecting for damage or wear, and replacing worn components when necessary. it's also essential to follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


Guys if you don't have one of these you're missing out!
Guys if you don't have one of these you're missing out!
From:Mary Johnson | Date:2023-08-26
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
Thank you so much for this 5-star review.
Seems very well built and was packaged very well.
Seems very well built and was packaged very well.
From:John | Date:2023-07-06
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed our products.
The product has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and usability.
The product has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and usability.
From:Emily Carter | Date:2023-06-21
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
We're pleased to hear that our product has met your expectations.
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