Causes and repair methods of hydraulic wrench malfunctions

Author: Time:2023-07-10 Tag: hydraulic wrench Hydraulic torque wrench repair methods

hydraulic wrench is one of the favored tools in the modern industrial development by numerous companies. 

However, like any other machinery, Hydraulic Wrenches may experience certain malfunctions over time, such as power loss. 

When encountering such problems, how should we proceed with the repair and handling? 

Prior to understanding the methods for repair and handling, let's first identify the possible causes of these malfunctions.

1. Faults in hydraulic wrenches usually occur in internal systems, some of which are easily identifiable,

 while others may be mistaken for normal phenomena.

 The hydraulic wrench itself and external factors can have adverse effects on its operation,

There may also be debris entering the system through the connection gap, causing the hydraulic wrench to fail. 

In addition, unreasonable configuration, installation, and material selection can also lead to malfunctions during use.

Long term use, wear, failure to replace parts in a timely manner, 

or inadequate maintenance may lead to rust or looseness of the hydraulic wrench.

 If the ratchet and pawl are severely damaged, the hydraulic wrench may feel weak or inflexible during use, unable to meet production needs.

2. High intensity work causes deformation of the sealing ring of the oil cylinder,

 resulting in overload damage to the hydraulic wrench, and problems with insufficient pressure and oil leakage.

Therefore, we should better use hydraulic wrenches to avoid situations where there is pressure but it cannot work.

Rechargeable brushless torque wrench SCW-R series

Rechargeable brushless torque wrench SCW-R series

Repair and handling methods for hydraulic wrench failure:

1. Hydraulic wrenches must be handled with care during handling and use,

 ensuring they are handled with care and avoiding excessive falls or hammering.

 This may cause damage to the hydraulic wrench, affect its effectiveness, and even pose safety hazards.

2. The working fluid used for hydraulic wrenches must be wear-resistant hydraulic oil. 

Alcohol, water, and other media cannot be used as the working fluid for hydraulic wrenches. 

Only clean and pure hydraulic oil can ensure the normal operation of hydraulic wrenches.

3. To maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic wrench, especially at the oil inlet and outlet,

 there must be no oil or sludge to prevent blockage or system leakage, which may cause the hydraulic wrench to malfunction.

To prevent contamination of the working fluid with dirt,

4. Replace the joint connecting the high-pressure oil pipe in the Hydraulic System with a threaded plug, 

which can prevent dirt from contaminating the working oil.

5. Attention should be paid to the service life of high-pressure hoses

After long-term use, due to factors such as pressure and friction, 

high-pressure hoses will gradually reduce their strength and become brittle and easy to break.

Therefore, it is recommended to regularly replace high-pressure hoses after a period of use to ensure that their strength 

and sealing Performance meet the requirements, in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

6. Always pay attention to the operating condition of the hydraulic system and conduct regular inspections and maintenance. 

When there is a malfunction in the hydraulic system, it is necessary to analyze the cause in a timely manner, 

eliminate the malfunction, and ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic wrench.

At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly inspect and tighten the pipe joints to prevent oil leakage or other safety hazards caused by looseness.

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