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RCH Series Single-Acting Hollow Cylinders

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  • Capacity: 13-100ton

    Stroke: 42-155mm

    Max.pressure: 700bar

    Weight: 3.4-63.5 KG

    Oil capacity: 76-1028 Cm3

    Max.pressure: 700bar/10000psi

    Item model number ‏ :RC Series‎ Hydraulic Cylinder Jack


    Country of Origin:China

    Customizable with special requirement

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Single-acting, high strength spring return, easy to use.

Hollow plunger design allows for both,pull and push forces.

Dual dust-proof ring structure remains cylinder internal cleaning.

The exclusive guide Ring is designed absorbs eccentric loading without galling cylinder parts,reduces wear and extending life.

Special painted surface to increase corrosion resistance.

Easy fixturing with collar threads,plunger threads and base mounting holes.

All model include quick couplings (NPT3/8"-18) and dust-proof cap.

Floating center tube is designed to increase product life.

Customizable with special requirement.

Selection appropriate pumps for offer optimum combination 

Select SAIVS high quality high pressure hoses. 

Pressure Display Unit ( Optional ) on pressure gauges.

Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Cylinder Ram is used for lifting. It has large output force, light weight, can be used in any space, and can be used at any distance. With the super high pressure oil pump of our company, it can realize many kinds of operations, such as topping, pulling, pressing, squeezing, pushing and so on. It is widely used in foundation detection, transportation, railways, bridges, subway, construction, factories,mines and other industries.

Customizable to meet the needs of different customers.

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Cylinder CapacityStrokeModel NumberCylinder Effective AreaOil CapacityCollapsed HeightExtended HeightOutside Dia.Cylinder Bore DiaPlunger Dia.Base to Advance PortSaddle Dia.Saddle Internal Thread Saddle Protrusion from Plgr.Plunger Internal ThreadPlunger Thread LengthCollar ThreadCollar Thread LengthCenter Hole DiaWeight
Mounting Hole Dimensions

Model NumberBolt CircleThreadThread Depth


100(947)76RCH-1003135.3 10282543302121651253412521/2"-8124"-16UN2583/8"-12607963.5



These jacks help support and position critical structural elements during construction, ensuring proper alignment and safety.

Mobile homes and trailers can be leveled and raised for foundation repairs or relocation using Hydraulic cylinder jacks.

Event organizers use hydraulic cylinder jacks to adjust the height of stages and platforms for performances and presentations.

Aircraft maintenance crews rely on hydraulic cylinder jacksto raise aircraft for inspection and repairs.

Hydraulic cylinder jacksassist in lifting heavy materials to build retaining walls, ensuring proper alignment and stability.

Agricultural equipment can be adjusted to the correct height for various farming tasks using hydraulic cylinder jacks.

Hydraulic cylinder jacksaid in positioning molds and dies in manufacturing processes, ensuring accurate product production.


They work how you would expect and they are not expensive. I'm satisfied with the purchase.
They work how you would expect and they are not expensive. I'm satisfied with the purchase.
From:Frederic | Date:2023-06-04
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
Your satisfaction is our top priority.
This tool arrived earlier than expected.
This tool arrived earlier than expected.
From:Burkhard | Date:2023-02-15
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
SAIVS always focuses on product quality and delivery speed.
The product delivered exceptional value for its price.
The product delivered exceptional value for its price.
From:Jess H. | Date:2023-02-11
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
We're here for you anytime.
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