Considerations when buying hydraulic torque wrenches

1) A type of hydraulic wrench is capable of handling only a few similar bolts and typically comes with 1-10 sleeves.

This limitation arises from the need to ensure precise fits and optimal torque application for each specific bolt.

By having a range of sleeves, the hydraulic wrench can accommodate different bolt sizes and thread types, 

allowing for flexibility in various applications.

2) Manufacturers often prefer using an electric pump with two wrench heads to enhance efficiency and 

accuracy in the die casting process. By employing both wrench heads diagonally, 

torque application becomes more balanced and consistent. This approach ensures that the desired 

torque is applied uniformly across the bolts, minimizing the risk of uneven tension or loosening.

3) It is essential to operate Hydraulic Wrenches manually, requiring skilled hand control and regular maintenance


Hand custody enables operators to apply the appropriate force and maintain 

proper alignment during the tightening or loosening process. Routine maintenance tasks include checking the oil levels, 

cleaning the wrench components, and inspecting for wear and tear to ensure optimal Performance and longevity.

4) The measurement of bolt torque should adhere to national standards, such as GB,

which aligns with China's specific requirements and conditions. Following these standards ensures that 

the torque applied to the bolts meets the recommended guidelines for safety, functionality,

and compliance with industry regulations. Standardized torque scales help achieve uniformity and 

reliability across different die casting operations, enhancing overall quality and consistency.

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