Understanding the Advantages of Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners in Industrial Applications

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A hydraulic bolt tensioner is a hydraulic tool used to tighten bolts and 

studs in various applications such as pipe flanges or industrial equipment. 

The tool can be used with various hydraulic pumps which then creates a hydraulic force to stretch the bolt to the required load. 

This process is known as bolt tensioning. 

Bolt Tensioners come in various sizes and designs to fit different bolt sizes and be used in different circumstances.

Hydraulic torque wrenches and hydraulic bolt tensioning are both important tools used in industrial settings, 

but they function differently. A Torque Wrench uses torque to tighten bolts, while a hydraulic bolt tensioner uses tension. 

The primary difference between the two tools is that a hydraulic bolt tensioner pulls the bolt, creates tension, 

and stretches the bolt while a Hydraulic Torque Wrench tightens the bolt through the rotational force within the bolt.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - TG Series

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - TG Series

Using a hydraulic tensioner is advantageous in many industrial applications 

because it provides precise and consistent tensioning, reduces strain on the bolt and joint surfaces, 

and allows for more accurate tightening without damaging or overloading the bolt. hydraulic tensioners 

can also apply greater tension loads to bolts than torque wrenches, making it an ideal solution for large bolts or in hazardous work environments. 

Additionally, using hydraulic bolt tensioners can help reduce the risk of operator errors,

reduce maintenance costs, and increase the lifespan of bolted joints.

Usage and precautions of hydraulic nuts

Hydraulic nuts are a detachable tool commonly used on larger machines to lock interfaces. They are generally circular or conical in shape, making them suitable for specific workpieces. They can be installed and easily disassembled. The basic working principle of hydraulic nuts is to send hydraulic oil into the nut through certain means, and then generate relatively strong pressure to push the piston, making the installation and disassembly of the workpiece more convenient. Using hydraulic nuts is a safer and less wasteful method of work. In this sense, hydraulic nuts have also promoted the development of industrial production.

Usage of hydraulic nuts

Before using hydraulic nuts, hydraulic oil should be prepared, and then the hydraulic nuts and large workpieces should be connected through connecting wires, so that the hydraulic oil can be transported normally; When transporting hydraulic oil, we tightly lock it in key areas with our hands, and then observe the delivery situation of the hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil is delivered to the standard line, we can manually turn off the delivery switch and proceed to the next step of the operation;

After delivering the hydraulic oil, we need to carry out the operation of a component, check the normal use of the equipment and the pressure of the hydraulic nut, and then proceed with the normal installation and disassembly work.

Precautions for using hydraulic nuts

Firstly, when using hydraulic nuts, we should pay attention to the delivery volume of hydraulic oil. The delivery volume of hydraulic oil is related to the actual use of our hydraulic nuts, so we need to closely monitor its situation;

When using hydraulic nuts, we should pay attention to the interface docking when combining them with large workpieces. This is related to the safety issues of using hydraulic nuts. If the docking is not good, it will cause many problems, such as waste of hydraulic oil, waste of time, and most importantly, safety issues;

After using the hydraulic nut, we need to clean it in a timely manner.

There are not many things to pay attention to when using hydraulic nuts. After we understand the scientific methods of use, we will pay attention to these issues when using them, and the problems we need to face will be solved easily. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the relevant knowledge in this section and apply it in our daily lives, so that it can help us better produce and live.

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