What is electric hydraulic pump

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An electric hydraulic pump, also known as a hydraulic pumping station, 

 is an independent hydraulic device that supplies oil according to the requirements of the driving device (main unit)

 and controls the direction, pressure, and flow of the oil. 

 It is suitable for various hydraulic machinery where the main unit and hydraulic device can be separated. 

 Once purchased, users only need to connect the hydraulic station to the actuator of the main unit 

 (oil cylinder and hydraulic motor) using oil pipes, 

 and the hydraulic machinery can then perform various predefined actions and work cycles.

 The hydraulic station is composed of a pump device, integrated blocks or valve combinations, 

 an oil tank, and an electrical box. 


The functions of each component are as follows:

 Oil tank

 It is a semi-enclosed container made of metal materials and is equipped with oil filters, 

 air filters, etc. The oil tank is used for oil storage, cooling, and filtration.

 Pump device

 It is equipped with an electric motor and an oil pump, 

 and serves as the power source of the hydraulic station,

 converting mechanical energy into hydraulic power of the oil.

 Integrated blocks

 These are composed of hydraulic valves and channel bodies.

 They are used to control the direction, pressure, and flow of the hydraulic oil

 Plate valves are mounted on the vertical plates, connected with rear pipes,

 and perform similar functions as the integrated blocks.

 Electrical box

 This comes in two forms. 

 One form is a terminal board with external connection leads, 

 and the other form is a complete set of control electrical components.

 In summary, the Electric Hydraulic Pump is an essential component of hydraulic machinery, 

 providing the necessary power, control, and fluid supply to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

 With its various components working together cohesively, 

 it enables the efficient transmission of hydraulic power in a wide range of applications.

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