How Often Should I Calibrate My Torque Wrench

Users of Torque Tools are aware that regular usage and wear and tear 

can affect the internal mechanisms of the tool, leading to deviations in torque delivery.

This can result in fasteners being either too loose, 

risking disengagement under stress, or too tight, causing deformation, shearing, or breakage.

Over time, a Torque Wrench is likely to fall out of calibration.

However, this does not indicate any inherent issues with the tool itself;

a simple recalibration can restore its accuracy.

Determining the appropriate frequency for calibrating torque wrenches 

can be challenging for businesses. Calibrating too 

frequently can be costly and disruptive to processes. 


On the other hand, infrequent calibrations may lead to undetected production of 

faulty or defective products for which liability 

may arise if failures occur in real-world applications.

As a general recommendation, it is standard practice to calibrate 

torque wrenches every 5,000 cycles or at least once every 12 months—whichever comes first.

However, several factors can influence torque tool

accuracy and necessitate more frequent calibrations. For instance:

1. If the torque tool experiences frequent drops or impacts.

2. When operating in extreme conditions such as high heat, cold temperatures, humidity or wet environments.

3. If the torque wrench is subjected to overloads equal to or exceeding 25% of its maximum capacity.

Additionally, if a torque tool exhibits visible signs of wear 

and tear such as old grease residues, worn components, 

or loose screws; it should be taken out of service for inspection.

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