Why Torque Wrench Calibration Matters More Than You Think

In the world of precision engineering, the calibration of torque wrenches is a critical aspect 

to ensure accurate and reliable performance. This article explores the reasons behind the need 

for Torque Wrench Calibration, the standards for "just right" calibration, 

recommended calibration frequency, and essential tips for maintaining your Torque Tools.

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I. Why Torque Wrench Calibration is Essential:


Over- or under-tightening of fasteners can cause damage to your equipment and even lead to injuries. 

Calibration ensures that you are applying the correct amount of torque, which helps to prevent these problems.


A calibrated torque wrench helps to ensure that your equipment is properly assembled and that it will operate reliably.


In some industries, it is required by law to have your torque wrenches calibrated regularly.

II. Standards for "Just Right" Torque Wrench Calibration:

Industry standards govern the accuracy of torque wrenches. ISO 6789 is a widely recognized standard that sets the requirements 

for designing and testing torque wrenches. Calibration is performed by comparing the wrench's output to a known standard, 

and adjustments are made to bring it within an acceptable level of deviation.

The acceptable level of deviation allowed by ISO 6789 varies depending on the type of torque wrench. 

For example, the deviation for a click-type torque wrench is typically ±3%, while the deviation for a dial-type torque wrench is typically ±2%.

Workers are repairing wheels with torque wrenches

III.Recommended Calibration Frequency:

The frequency of torque wrench calibration depends on several factors, 

including the tool's usage, environmental conditions, and industry regulations. 

It is generally recommended to calibrate torque wrenches at regular intervals or after a specific number of cycles. 

For high-precision applications or industries with strict quality standards, more frequent calibration may be necessary. 

As a general guideline, torque wrenches should be calibrated at least once a year or 

after every 5,000 to 10,000 cycles to maintain accuracy and reliability.

IV.How to Maintain Your Torque Tools:

In addition to having your torque wrench calibrated regularly, 

you can also help to extend its life and accuracy by following these maintenance tips:

-Keep your torque wrench clean and free of dirt and debris.

-Store your torque wrench in a safe place where it will not be damaged.

-Avoid dropping or striking your torque wrench.

-Do not use your torque wrench if it is damaged or if the calibration sticker is missing or damaged.

*Additional Points

Different types of torque wrenches have different calibration requirements. Click-type torque wrenches, for example, 

are generally calibrated using a torque verification device, while dial-type torque wrenches are typically calibrated using a calibration stand.

The consequences of not calibrating torque wrenches can be serious. Over-tightening can cause damage to fasteners 

while under-tightening can lead to loose or missing fasteners, which can cause malfunctions or even failures.

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