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SNC Series Hydraulic Nut Splitters

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  • Hydraulic Breaker Tool Capacity Range: 

    5/10/15/20/35/50/90 ton

    Bolt Range: M6-M48

    Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar / 10000psi

    Weight: 1.2-34KG

    Minimum Order:1Piece


    Country of Origin:China

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Compact and ergonomic design,easy to use.

Unique angled head design.

Single-acting, spring return cylinder.

Heavy duty chisels can be reground.

Nut Splitters include NPT3/8 quick coupling and dust cap.

Aplication include service trucks,piping industry,tank cleaning,petrochemical,steel construction,mining,etc.

SNC nut cutter,optional pump, pressure gauge, pressure gauge stand and tubing actualization requirements.

Example (To cut M36 nut ):

Selected nut cutter:SNC - 5060,

Selected hand pump:SPS7-1, light manual pump

Selected hose:SZAX-6-NPT3/8, length 6m, connection NPT3/8" rubber hose

Selected pressure gauge:YN-100-100MPa, pressure range: 0-100MPa,gauge diameter 100mm

Selected gauge adaptor: SPS7-1XS

Optional Pumps:  SPS Series Manual Pump, PE4 Small Electric Pump and PA4 Small Air hydraulic pump.






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Bolt RangeHexagon Nut Range Capacity
Oil Capacity
Model NumberDimensions(mm)WeightReplacement Chisel Model Number
M6-M1210-195(49)15SNC-1019401707192848211.2 SNCB-1019
M12-M1619-2410(98)20SNC-19245419110264062252.0 SNCB-1924
M16-M2224-3215(147)60SNC-24326422213295172333.0 SNCB-2432
M22-M2732-4120(196)80SNC-32417524417366688434.4 SNCB-3241
M27-M3341-5035(343)155SNC-415094288214574105548.2 SNCB-4150
M33-M3950-6050(490)240SNC-50601063182354901286011.8 SNCB-5060
M39-M4860-7590(882)492SNC-607515639326721101818034.1 SNCB-6075

What are hydraulic nut splitters?

Hydraulic nut splitters are tools used to safely and efficiently remove corroded or damaged nuts from bolts, typically in industrial or heavy-duty equipment settings. They work by using hydraulic pressure to apply force to the nut, causing it to split and release the bolt.

Where can I find reliable manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic nut splitters?

There are many reputable manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic nut splitters available online or in specialized industry catalogs. It is important to research and compare reviews and pricing from multiple sources to find the best fit for your needs.

How much do hydraulic nut splitters cost?

The cost of hydraulic nut splitters varies depending on factors such as brand, size, capacity, and features. Different manufacturers and suppliers may also offer different prices. Customers can request quotes from multiple sources to compare prices and ensure they receive the best value for their investment.

We're thoroughly impressed by the precision and attention to detail demonstrated in your products.
We're thoroughly impressed by the precision and attention to detail demonstrated in your products.
From:Patrick M. Burke | Date:2023-07-09
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We're glad to have provided a product that you love. Thank you for choosing us!
The exceptional quality of your products never ceases to amaze us.
The exceptional quality of your products never ceases to amaze us.
From:Brian MacSweeney | Date:2023-08-25
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
Thank you! We're thrilled to hear that you love our product.
So far so good
So far so good
From:B.J. | Date:2023-01-18
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
thank you so much
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