Hydraulic Nut Splitter Operating Instructions and Safety Cautions

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SAIVS's SNC nut cutter is a compact and easy-to-use tool designed for cutting nuts with a bolt range of M6-M48 in various industries such as service trucks, piping, tank cleaning, and steel construction. It features a unique angled head design, a Single-Acting spring return cylinder, and heavy-duty chisels that can be reground for extended use. The nut cutter comes with an NPT3/8 quick coupling and a dust cap for easy connection and protection.

While the nut cutter itself is efficient, it requires an optional pump (manual, electric, or air-powered) along with a pressure gauge, stand, and tubing for operation. The specific pump, hose, gauge, and adapter needed depend on the size of the nut being cut. For example, cutting an M36 nut would require the SNC-5060 cutter, SPS7-1 manual pump, SZAX-6-NPT3/8 hose, YN-100-100MPa pressure gauge, and SPS7-1XS gauge adapter.

SNC Series Hydraulic Nut Splitters

SNC Series Hydraulic Nut Splitters Parameter

Assembly (New Section)

Attach the hydraulic hose to the nut splitter coupler.

Tighten the couplers firmly to prevent oil flow restriction.

Ensure the pump vent/fill cap is in the "VENT" position for proper pump function.


Nut Placement: Place the nut splitter head on the nut, ensuring the flat surface of the cutter aligns with the flat side of the nut. The head must also rest on a stable surface. 

Nut Placement

Warning: Keep fingers away from the blade to prevent injuries.

Hold Securely: Firmly hold the nut splitter in position.

Cut the Nut: Operate the pump until the blade cuts through the nut. Stop pumping immediately upon splitting the nut to avoid damaging the bolt threads. 

Cut the Nut

Retract the Blade: Open the pump release valve to retract the cutter blade.

Nut Removal: Remove the nut splitter and the split nut from the work area.

For Nuts Requiring Two Cuts:

Repeat the cutting process on the opposite side of the nut (180° from the first cut).

Once completely split, fully retract the cutting blade.

Remove the nut splitter and the split nut.

Cutting Fluid Recommendation (Optional): For tougher materials like stainless or hardened steel, apply a suitable cutting fluid before splitting to reduce blade wear and breakage.

Safety Instructions

hydraulic nut splitters are working on large machines

General Warnings

Read and understand all instructions before operating the nut splitter.

Only qualified operators familiar with Hydraulic Equipment operation should use this tool.

Wear protective gear while operating the equipment.

Pressure and Capacity

Do not exceed the rated capacity (10,000 psi) of the nut splitter or any system component.

The pump pressure rating must be equal to or lower than the nut splitter's.

Use a pressure gauge to monitor operating pressure.

Hose Handling

Avoid damaging the hose by preventing kinking, twisting, crushing, or excessive bending. Regularly inspect the hose for wear.

Do not use the hose to move the nut splitter setup.

Never handle pressurized hoses. Release system pressure before disconnecting hoses.

Keep hydraulic equipment away from heat and flames, as hydraulic fluid can ignite.

Promote Proper maintenance

Outline regular maintenance procedures: Specify the recommended frequency for inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating the nut splitter and its components.

Identify replacement parts: Provide a list of commonly replaced parts, such as seals, gaskets, and hoses, and instructions for their replacement.

Emphasize the importance of qualified personnel: Recommend that repairs and maintenance be performed by qualified technicians to ensure the nut splitter's safe and proper operation.

Following these instructions and safety precautions will ensure the safe and effective operation of your SAIVS SNC nut cutter. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please refer to the user manual or contact SAIVS directly. Remember, prioritizing safety and proper maintenance will extend the life of your tool and keep you protected while on the job.

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