How To Operate The Torque Multiplier

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How To Use a Torque Multiplier

1. Set the torque wrench

Set the Torque Wrench to 1/25 of the desired torque.

Set torque wrench to 1/25

2. Do not exceed the maximum input torque: 

Ensure not to exceed the maximum input torque of the torque multiplier.

maximum torque of torque multiplier

3. Do not use an extra-long socket or extension rod:

If it is necessary to use an extra-long socket or extension rod for a specific application, this requirement may not apply.

4. Do not use universal joints:

In certain situations, the use of universal joints may be necessary, especially when fastening in hard-to-reach positions.

5. Choose a suitable reaction point:

In some cases, selecting a reaction point may not be necessary,particularly when working in confined or constrained spaces.

6. Check the torque wrench direction and place it on the multiplier:

In certain situations, if the direction is clear and placing the torque wrench 

on the multiplier is not required, these steps may be skipped.

7. Do not strike the anti-wind-up ratchet: 

In some cases, it may be necessary to carefully tap the anti-wind-up ratchet,

but in other situations, this step may not be essential.

Please note that the necessity of these steps depends on the specific usage context, the tool model, 

and the manufacturer's guidelines. Before using the Torque Multiplier, carefully read the relevant manual

and specifications to ensure the proper execution of the steps according to the specific circumstances.

The working principle of a torque multiplier

The torque multiplier utilizes a planetary gear train with one or multiple stages to increase applied torque.

Each stage of gearing amplifies the torque by a factor of 5. In this design, the wrench applies torque

to the input gear, also known as the sun gear. As a result, the sun gear rotates,

causing the teeth of three or four planet gears to mesh with the sun gear.

The housing of the torque multiplier, known as the ring gear, also meshes with the gear teeth and typically

rotates in the opposite direction to the sun gear. To prevent the casing from rotating, 

which would cause the planet gears to rotate around the sun gear, a reaction arm is employed. 

The planetary gear is fixed within the planet carrier, which also secures the output side drive.

The torque multiplier is suitable for which working environments

Torque multipliers are versatile tools that can be used in various working environments.

However, their suitability may depend on factors such as temperature, humidity, 

and other conditions. Here are some considerations:


Torque multipliers are generally designed to operate within a specific temperature range.

It is important to consult the manufacturer's specifications to determine the temperature limits 

of a particular torque multiplier. Extreme temperatures, whether excessively high or low, 

can affect the Performance and durability of the tool. In extreme cases, temperature variations

can cause material expansion, contraction, or affect lubrication properties.


Most torque multipliers can operate effectively in moderate humidity levels.

However, in high humidity or wet conditions, it is crucial to ensure that the torque multiplier

is adequately protected against moisture ingress. Excessive moisture can lead to corrosion, reduced performance,

and potential damage to internal components. If working in humid environments, 

consider using torque multipliers with appropriate sealing or protection measures.

Dust and Contaminants

Torque multipliers should be used with caution in environments with high levels of dust, dirt, or other contaminants. 

These particles can enter the tool and affect its internal components, leading to reduced performance or even failure. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help mitigate the impact of contaminants, but it is advisable to

prevent excessive exposure to such environments when possible.

Vibration and Shock

Some working environments may involve high levels of vibration or shock. Torque multipliers should be selected

or designed to withstand these conditions. Robust construction, shock-absorbing features, 

and secure fastening mechanisms can enhance the tool's durability and reliability in such environments.


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