Log No. 10: Battery Powered Brushless Torque Wrench to Russia Customer

Product information: SCW-A Battery Powered Brushless Torque Wrench

Shipping Information: April 23, 2024

Customer Information: From Russia

Shipping note: Air

Our electric torque wrenches are not only highly favored in the domestic market, but have also achieved remarkable success in the international market. 

Its maximum working torque reaches 8000N.m, making it the first choice for bolt tools in various industrial fields.

Since our products have entered the markets of Russia, Iceland, Sweden, Brazil, Moldova and other countries, 

they have achieved an extremely high level of recognition and trust. 

An electric torque wrench in a tool box

Our electric torque wrenches are not only excellent in performance but also competitive in price, 

which can perfectly replace such famous foreign brands as RAD, TORCUP, ITH, etc., which saves customers' cost and improves work efficiency.

In order to ensure product quality and accuracy, we strictly enforce the final calibration of each electric Torque Wrench before shipment to ensure that its 

torque accuracy reaches ±4%. 

This strict quality control standard makes our products gain a good reputation in the market and widely praised by users.

An electric torque wrench in a tool box

Application scope of Electric Torque Wrenches:

Industrial manufacturing: automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, etc.

Building construction: steel structure, bridge, pipeline, etc.

Energy industry: wind power, nuclear power, petrochemical, etc.

Rail transportation: high-speed rail, subway, urban rail, etc.

Advantages of electric torque wrench:

Improve work efficiency: adjustable torque, easy to operate, fast tightening speed of bolts

Ensure the quality of connection: high precision, can avoid over-loosening or over-tightening of bolts.

Safe and reliable: with over-torque protection, reducing operational risks.

Reduced maintenance costs: simple structure, easy to maintain

An electric torque wrench connected to a torque indicator

An electric torque wrench connected to a torque indicator

We will continue to devote ourselves to technological innovation and product optimization to provide our customers with better quality and more reliable electric torque wrenches to 

help them achieve greater success in their work.

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Battery Powered Brushless Torque Wrench SCW-A Series

Battery Powered Brushless Torque Wrench SCW-A Series

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