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  • RACH306,30 Ton,150 mm,Single Acting Hollow Plunger Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders-1-SAIVS
RACH306,30 Ton,150 mm,Single Acting Hollow Plunger Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders-1-SAIVS

RACH306,30 Ton,150 mm,Single Acting Hollow Plunger Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders

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- Model:RACH306

- Product Line:Industrial Tools

- Type: Hydraulic Cylinder Ram, Hydraulic Jacks

- Customizable with special requirement

Hollow Plunger design allows for both pull and push forces: This means the cylinder can be used to extend (push) or retract (pull) a load because the plunger has a hollow center that allows rods or cables to pass through.

Composite bearings increase cylinder life and sideload resistance: The use of composite materials in the bearings makes them more durable and able to handle loads applied at an angle (side loads) without excessive wear.

Hard-Coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder life: A hard-coat finish on the cylinder surfaces makes them more resistant to scratches, corrosion, and other wear, leading to a longer lifespan.

Floating center tube increases seal and product life: A floating center tube allows for slight misalignment without damaging the seals, which reduces leakage and extends the overall life of the cylinder.

Handles standard on all models: All models come equipped with handles for easier positioning and control.

Steel base plate and saddle for protection against load-induced damage: The base plate and saddle are made of steel for added strength and protection against damage caused by the forces exerted on the cylinder.

Integral stop ring prevents plunger over-travel and is capable of withstanding the full cylinder capacity: The stop ring prevents the plunger from extending beyond its intended limit, protecting the cylinder from damage even at its maximum operating force.

High Strength return spring for rapid cylinder retraction: A strong return spring ensures the plunger retracts quickly after the force is released.

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Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Capacity Class (tonnage)30
Stroke (mm)150
Collapsed Height A (mm)333
Extended Height B (mm)483
Return TypeSingle-Acting, Spring Return
Plunger TypeHollow
Material7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy
Cylinder Effective Area Advance (cm2)51.1
Oil Capacity Advance (cm3)766
Surface TreatmentBaked enamel finish
Weight (kg)11.2


Collapsed Height/mm(A)333
Extended Height/mm(B)483
Outside Dia/mm(D)130
Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)95
Plunger Dia/mm(F)70
Base To Advance Port/mm(H)29
Saddle Dia/mm(J)70
Saddle Protri. From Plgr./mm(K)10
Center Hole Dia/mm(Y)34
Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle/mm(U)110
Base Mounting Holes Thread(V)M6
Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth/mm(Z)12

Series Comparison

Model NumberCapacity/TonStroke/mmCylinder Effective Area/cm2Oil Capacity/cm3Collapsed Height/mm(A)Extended Height/mm(B)Outside Dia/mm(D)Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)Plunger Dia/mm(F)Base To Advance Port/mm(H)Saddle Dia/mm(J)Saddle Protri. From Plgr./mm(K)Center Hole Dia/mm(Y)Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle/mm(U)Base Mounting Holes Thread(V)Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth/mm(Z)Weight/Kg
RACH-2022050 mm | 1.97 inches32.716418823810075552955102770M6125.2 kg | 11.5 lbs
RACH-20420100 mm | 3.94 inches32,732725135110075552955102770M6126.1 kg | 13.4 lbs
RACH-20620150 mm | 5.91 inches32.749131546510075552955102770M6127.1 kg | 15.7 lbs
RACH-20820200 mm | 7.87 inches32.765437857810075552955102770M6128 kg | 17.6 lbs
RACH-201020250 mm | 9.84 inches32.781844269210075552955102770M6129 kg | 19.8 lbs
RACH-3023050 mm | 1.97 inches51.1256208258130957029701034110M6128 kg | 17.6 lbs
RACH-30430100 mm | 3.94 inches51.1511267367130957029701034110M6129.5 kg | 20.9 lbs
RACH-30630150 mm | 5.91 inches51.1766333483130957029701034110M61211.2 kg | 24.7 lbs
RACH-30830200 mm | 7.87 inches51.11022395595130957029701034110M61212.9 kg | 28.4 lbs
RACH-301030250 mm | 9.84 inches51.11277458708130957029701034110M61214.5 kg | 32.0 lbs
RACH-6026050 mm | 1.97 inches84.7423251301180130100611001254160M61216.2 kg | 35.7 lbs
RACH-60460100 mm | 3.94 inches84.7847315415180130100611001254160M61219.5 kg | 43.0 lbs
RACH-60660150 mm | 5.91 inches84.71270380530180130100611001254160M61225.6 kg | 56.4 lbs
RACH-60860200 mm | 7.87 inches84.71694445645180130100611001254160M61226 kg | 57.3 lbs
RACH-601060250 mm | 9.84 inches84.72117510760180130100611001254160M61229.6 kg | 65.3 lbs
RACH-100210050 mm | 1.97 inches164.6823258308250185145611451479220M101233.8 kg | 74.5 lbs
RACH-1004100100 mm | 3.94 inches164.61646325425250185145611451479220M101239.8 kg | 87.7 lbs
RACH-1006100150 mm | 5.91 inches164.62487391541250185145611451479220M101246.2 kg | 101.9 lbs
RACH-1008100200 mm | 7.87 inches164.63291459659250185145611451479220M101252.2 kg | 115.1 lbs
RACH-10010100250 mm | 9.84 inches164.64114527777250185145611451479220M101258.8 kg | 129.6 lbs
RACH-150215050 mm | 1.97 inches225.81129280330275205150611451479245M101248.9 kg | 107.8 lbs
RACH-1504150100 mm | 3.94 inches225.82258360460275205150611451479245M101255.7 kg | 122.8 lbs
RACH-1506150150 mm | 5.91 inches225.83387430580275205150611451479245M101263 kg | 138.9 lbs
RACH-1508150200 mm | 7.87 inches225.84517500700275205150611451479245M101270.1 kg | 154.5 lbs
RACH-15010150250 mm | 9.84 inches225.85646570820275205150611451479245M101277.2 kg | 170.2 lbs


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