Precautions for using preset torque wrenches

A Torque Wrench is a specialized tool that tightly controls the locking torque

of bolts and nuts, and should be used correctly according to the following requirements:

(1) Do not use a Preset Torque Wrench to remove bolts or nuts.

It is strictly prohibited to add a sleeve extension arm at the

end of the torque wrench to prevent damage to the torque plate.

(3) Adjust the required torque according to the requirements and clearly 

acknowledge that the adjustment mechanism is in a confirmed state before it can be used.

(4) When using a torque wrench, it should be loaded evenly and slowly,

and should not be forcefully pulled or pressed to avoid overloading 

and resulting in inaccurate output torque. After reaching the preset torque, the loading should be stopped.

After the use of the preset torque wrench, it should be adjusted to the minimum 

torque to fully relax the force measuring tension spring and extend its lifespan.


(6) Water should be avoided from entering the pre installed torque plate to prevent rusting of the parts.

(7) The opening standard of the selected torque wrench must be

consistent with the standard of the bolt or nut. 

If the opening of the board is too large, it is easy to slip and damage the hexagon of the bolt.

In the repair of imported cars, attention should be paid to the selection of 

the board metric and inch systems; The selection criteria for various 

types of boards generally prioritize sleeve boards, 

followed by plum blossom boards, open boards, and finally movable boards.

(8) To avoid damage and slipping of the board, 

the pulling force should be applied to the thicker side of the opening.

This should be particularly careful for movable boards that are heavily loaded

to prevent the opening from appearing in an "eight" shape and damaging the nuts and board.

(9) A torque wrench is planned based on the strength of the human hand. 

When encountering tight ribbed parts, it is not allowed to hit the board with a hammer;

Except for the sleeve board, no other board should be equipped 

with a force rod to prevent damage to the board or ribbed connectors

(10) When using the torque board, the most suitable moment is when you hear a "snap" sound


1. Usage: The torque plate is something that rotates bolts or nuts.

2. Usage: When twisting the board, tension should be used, as pushing the board can easily cause danger.

3. The torque wrench can be used to tighten bolts. 

Before tightening the bolts, they should be cleaned and lubricated.

4. When using a torque plate to tighten the bolts, 

the force should be evenly applied, and the impact force should not be used.

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