• 3/4,1/2 Inch Preset Torque Wrench,TG Series-1-SAIVS
3/4,1/2 Inch Preset Torque Wrench,TG Series-1-SAIVS

3/4,1/2 Inch Preset Torque Wrench,TG Series

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  • Brand:SAIVS


    Model Number:TG

    Torque range(Nm):1-6000Nm

    Driver(inch):3/8,1/2,3/4 ,1/4 , 3/2 , 1



    Place of Origin: China

    Customized: OEM,ODM

    Minimum Order: 1Piece

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Accuracy: Level 4, ensuring highly precise torque measurements with minimal deviation. 

This high level of accuracy guarantees that torque tool delivers 

consistent and reliable results across a wide range of applications. 

Error range: Within ±4%, providing a tight tolerance for error in torque measurements.

It minimizes the risk of overtightening or undertightening fasteners, 

ensuring optimal Performance and safety.

Component: The torque tool is constructed using high-quality

alloy steel, known for its exceptional strength and durability.

This choice of material ensures that the tool can withstand 

demanding work environments and heavy use without compromising its accuracy or longevity. 

Ratchet head: The torque tool features a ratchet head equipped with a bidirectional mechanism,

allowing for easy operation in both tightening and loosening directions. 

This feature enhances versatility by accommodating various 

tasks where both clockwise and counterclockwise torquing is required. 



TG type preset torque wrench
Model NumberTorque rangeDriver/inchLength/mmWidth/mmHeight/mmWeight/kgFine Scale/N.mRatchet Teeth
TGK 193011-51/4"30533300.550.2522
TGK 193022-101/4"30533300.550.2522
TGK 193035-253/8"30533300.550.2522
TGK 193048-403/8"30533310.5250.522
TGK 1930510-501/2"41540400.99122
TGK 1930620-1001/2"41540400.99122
TGK 1930740-2001/2"63548482.1657.522
TGK 1930860-3001/2".3/4"63548482.1657.519
TGK 19309150-4503/4"68548522.251019
TGK 19310100-5003/4"68548522.251019
TGK 19311140-7603/4"83555584.191018
TGK 19312280-7603/4"83555584.191018
TGK 19313*200-10003/4".1"900+570(1340)58584.4+1.6612.518
TGK 19314*500-15001"1010+570(1450)69686.81+1.942515
TGK 19315*750-20001"1010+870(1750)69686.81+3.002515
TGK 19316*1000-30001"1400+1000(2140)847614.6+6.102515
TGK 19317*2000-40003/2"1650+1250(2640)1009025+9.55015
TGK 19318*3000-60003/2"2005+1500(3250)11810041+14.0010015



What is the difference between a preset and adjustable torque wrench?

The main difference between preset and adjustable torque wrenches is that preset 

wrenches have a fixed torque setting that cannot be adjusted by the user, while

adjustable wrenches allow the user to adjust the torque setting within a specified range. 

Preset wrenches are simpler to use and less expensive than adjustable ones. 

However, adjustable wrenches offer more flexibility for a wide range of applications

that require different torque values, and they require more careful adjustment to

ensure the correct torque value is achieved. Ultimately, the choice between preset

and adjustable wrenches depends on the application requirements and user preferences.

What is a preset type torque wrench?

A preset type torque wrench is a specialized tool designed to apply a specific amount of torque to a fastener. 

Unlike adjustable torque wrenches that allow users to set different torque values, a preset torque 

wrench comes with a fixed torque setting determined by the manufacturer. These wrenches are commonly 

used in assembly lines or situations where consistent and precise torque application is required.


Securing fasteners in woodworking

Installing plumbing fixtures

Maintaining firearms

Installing door hardware

Attaching vehicle suspension components

Erecting wind turbines

Research and development in various industries


Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to others in need of
Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to others in need of a high-quality option.
From:edward williams | Date:2023-06-13
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
Thanks for your positive feedback. We strive to provide superior client service.
The product is a great value for the price and I would definitely purchase from this supplier again.
The product is a great value for the price and I would definitely purchase from this supplier again.
From:Mark KET | Date:2023-03-13
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
Thank you so much! We’re grateful to have you as our client.
Very well made and holds perfect.
Very well made and holds perfect.
From:Francois | Date:2023-06-03
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
We always aim to provide the best service possible.
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