Repair Methods For Digital Torque Wrench

repair methods 1 for digital Torque Wrench

1. Firstly, check if the connection wire of the sensor of your digital

torque wrench is properly connected and if there is a signal wire of the sensor

2. Short circuit or open circuit, and whether there is any false soldering at the welding points

repair method 2 for Digital Torque Wrench

1. Then check if your instrument is fully charged. 

If the charging is not enough, it can easily cause abnormal startup,

unstable display, and online bouncing. When using logic pens and oscilloscopes

to detect signals, be careful not to touch two probes together

2. The star measuring pin, due to the nature of this condition,

constitutes a short circuit when powered on.


Repair Method 3 for Digital Display Torsion Vibrator

1. When using the ohm gear of a multimeter, remember not to measure with electricity. 

When detecting the extinction capacitor in the power supply of the 

digital display torsion tester, the electrolytic capacitor should be electrified first.

2. Short circuit the positive and negative poles of the container, 

and do not use the lead wire instead of the wire to discharge the 

capacitor during the short circuit, as it can easily burn the core wire.

Can take a 220V, 50W light bulb with a lamp cap lead, 

connect it to both ends of the capacitor, and the bulb will flash at the moment of discharge.

Repair Method 4 for Digital Display Torsion Hand

1. When measuring the parameters of each point, ordinary hand stitches 

can be soldered onto the multimeter's probe to puncture the paint layer 

and directly measure each point, without the need to peel off 

the paint layer on a large area, which will form oxidation of the copper foil.

Repair method 5 for digital torque wrench

1. When repairing problems in a humid environment, it is necessary 

to measure the smoothness of various points on the circuit board with a multimeter. 

Due to the main problem in this situation being copper foil corrosion,

we can use industrial alcohol with a content of 95% to clean and wipe 

the corroded circuit board, in order to avoid causing greater corrosion. 

When inspecting the internal circuit of the digital torque wrench, 

if the contacts of the installed components and

the circuit board are coated with absolute green varnish.

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