Proper application of hydraulic cylinders

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Always Use a Saddle

Using a saddle is vital when working with cylinders, no matter what the job is. 

The saddle provides protection, both for the plunger threads and from the plunger becoming deformed.

Without a saddle, the plunger can become damaged or "mushroomed."

A saddle also ensures that the load is distributed equally across the plunger. 

Always Use a pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is an essential component of any Hydraulic System

It provides an insight into what's going on within the system and helps prevent dangerous situations. 

Without a pressure gauge, relief valves may be pushed beyond factory settings,

resulting in excess pressure on the cylinder. 

A pressure gauge lets you see the force being exerted on the cylinder and ensure it stays within safe limits.

RC Seires Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Provide Solid Support

For cylinders to safely and effectively, they require a stable base. 

This means that the base should be flat and free of debris.

A base plate can be used for added stability if the surface is uncertain.

In summary, proper cylinder usage involves using a saddle to provide protection and load distribution, 

a pressure gauge to maintain safe pressure levels, and solid support to prevent instability. 

Proper usage helps prevent damage, increase longevity, and ensure safety.

In conclusion, working safely and efficiently with cylinders requires following best practices,

including using a saddle to protect the plunger, distributing load evenly, and preventing deformation.

A pressure gauge helps maintain safe pressure levels, and a stable base area is crucial for stable Performance.

By implementing these practices, we can prevent damage, improve longevity,

and ensure the safety of both operators and equipment. 

So always keep safety at the forefront of cylinder usage and follow these essential guidelines.

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