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600-2000Nm,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,SFW20A-1-SAIVS600-2000Nm,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,SFW20A-2-SAIVS600-2000Nm,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,SFW20A-3-SAIVS600-2000Nm,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,SFW20A-4-SAIVS

600-2000Nm,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,SFW20A

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  • No-Load Speed: 10Rpm

    Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM

    Minimum Torque: 600Nm

    Maximum Torque: 2000Nm

    Accuracy: ±5%

    Square Drive Size: 1”

    Weight:6.6 kg 


    Country of Origin:China

    Minimum Order:1Piece



1. Extremely excellent power to weight ratio Wider torque range, suitable for multiple stations.

2. The use of multi pole gearbox has no competitive reliability Constant speed and stable output.

3. Gun design, in line with human mechanics, more portable.

4. Torque output in forward and reverse directions.

5. Low noise, non impact output torque.

6. Accuracy ± 5% (correct air supply pressure and volume are required).   

 Here are ten scenarios where pneumatic torque wrenches are commonly used:

Automotive manufacturing and repair

Aerospace maintenance and assembly

Heavy equipment and machinery maintenance

Wind turbine assembly and repair

Railway maintenance and repair

Construction and structural assembly

Oil and gas pipeline maintenance

Mining equipment maintenance and repair

Material handling equipment maintenance and repair

Bridge and infrastructure construction

Pneumatic Torque Wrenches are commonly used in various industries where high torque output is required. They use compressed air to provide power and can deliver high torque output with great precision. They are widely used in heavy-duty applications and offer exceptional Performance and reliability.


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ModelDrive square (inch)Torque (Nm)Wspeed (Rpm)Weight (Kg)Dimensions A (mm)Dimensions B (mm)Dimensions C (mm)Dimensions D (mm)Noise (db)


How does a pneumatic torque wrench work?

Answer: A pneumatic torque wrench operates by using compressed air to drive a piston that rotates an output shaft. The output shaft is attached to a socket that fits onto the bolt or nut being tightened. As the air pressure increases, the output shaft turns with greater force to apply the required torque.

How accurate is a pneumatic torque wrench?

Answer:On average, a pneumatic torque wrench provides an accuracy of +/- 5%.


I am impressed with the durability of the product, it has held up well over time.
I am impressed with the durability of the product, it has held up well over time.
From:Matthew Brown | Date:2023-02-16
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
Heather Davis
The product has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and usability.
The product has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and usability.
From:Emily Carter | Date:2023-02-01
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
We're pleased to hear that our product has met your expectations.
Customer service is second to none!
Customer service is second to none!
From:Stefan | Date:2023-07-14
SAIVSTOOL.com Responded
Thanks for your positive feedback. We strive to provide superior client service.
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