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  • RAC15010,150 Ton,250 mm,Single Acting General Purpose Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders-1-SAIVS
RAC15010,150 Ton,250 mm,Single Acting General Purpose Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders-1-SAIVS

RAC15010,150 Ton,250 mm,Single Acting General Purpose Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders

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- Model:RAC15010

- Product Line:Industrial Tools

- Type: Hydraulic Cylinder Ram, Hydraulic Jacks

- Customizable with special requirement

Composite Bearings: These bearings prevent metal-to-metal contact, increasing cylinder life and enhancing resistance to side-loads of up to 10%.

Hard-Coat Finish: All surfaces feature a hard-coat finish that resists damage, extending the life of the cylinder.

Handles: Included on all models for easy handling and transportation.

Steel Base Plate and Saddle: Provides protection against load-induced damage, ensuring durability and reliability.

Integral Stop Ring: Prevents plunger over-travel and is capable of withstanding the full cylinder capacity.

High Strength Return Spring: Ensures rapid cylinder retraction for efficient operation.

CR-400 Coupler and Dustcap: Included on all models for convenience and protection.

Compliance: All cylinders meet ASME B-30.1 and ISO 10100 standards, ensuring they adhere to rigorous safety and Performance criteria.

Saddle: All RAC Series cylinders are equipped with bolt-on, removable hard saddles.

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Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Capacity Class (tonnage)150
Stroke (mm)250
Collapsed Height A (mm)443
Extended Height B (mm)693
Return TypeSingle-acting, spring return
Plunger TypeSolid
Material7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy
Cylinder Effective Area Advance (cm2)227
Oil Capacity Advance (cm3)5675
Surface TreatmentAnodized
Weight (kg)41.3


Collapsed Height/mm(A)443
Extended Height/mm(B)693
Outside Dia/mm(D)230
Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)170
Plunger Dia/mm(F)140
Base To Advance Port/mm(H)51
Saddle Dia/mm(J)113
Saddle Protri. From Plgr./mm(K)3
Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle/mm(U)200
Base Mounting Holes Thread(V)M10
Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth/mm(Z)12

Series Comparison

Model NumberCapacity/TonStroke/mmCylinder Effective Area/cm2Oil Capacity/cm3Collapsed Height/mm(A)Extended Height/mm(B)Outside Dia/mm(D)Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)Plunger Dia/mm(F)Base To Advance Port/mm(H)Saddle Dia/mm(J)Saddle Protri. From Plgr./mm(K)Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle/mm(U)Base Mounting Holes Thread(V)Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth/mm(Z)Weight/Kg
RAC-2022050 mm | 1.97 inches31.21561742248563502740370M6123.6 kg | 7.9 lbs
RAC-20420100 mm | 3.94 inches31.23122243248563502740370M6124.1 kg | 9.0 lbs
RAC-20620150 mm | 5.91 inches31.24682744248563502740370M6124.6 kg | 10.1 lbs
RAC-20820200 mm | 7.87 inches31.26243245248563502740370M6125.1 kg | 11.2 lbs
RAC-201020250 mm | 9.84 inches31.27803746248563502740370M6125.6 kg | 12.3 lbs
RAC-3023050 mm | 1.97 inches44.222118123110075603240380M6124.5 kg | 9.9 lbs
RAC-30430100 mm | 3.94 inches44.244223133110075603240380M6125.2 kg | 11.5 lbs
RAC-30630150 mm | 5.91 inches44.266328143110075603240380M6125.9 kg | 13.0 lbs
RAC-30830200 mm | 7.87 inches44.288433153110075603240380M6126.6 kg | 14.6 lbs
RAC-301030250 mm | 9.84 inches44.2110538163110075603240380M6127.3 kg | 16.1 lbs
RAC-5025050 mm | 1.97 inches70.9354186236130958030503110M6128.5 kg | 18.7 lbs
RAC-50450100 mm | 3.94 inches70.9709236336130958030503110M6129.8 kg | 21.6 lbs
RAC-50650150 mm | 5.91 inches70.91063286436130958030503110M61211.1 kg | 24.5 lbs
RAC-50850200 mm | 7.87 inches70.91417336536130958030503110M61212.4 kg | 27.3 lbs
RAC-501050250 mm | 9.84 inches70.91771386636130958030503110M61213.7 kg | 30.2 lbs
RAC-100210050 mm | 1.97 inches143.171522127118013511046943150M101217.3 kg | 38.1 lbs
RAC-1004100100 mm | 3.94 inches143.1143127137118013511046943150M101219.6 kg | 43.2 lbs
RAC-1006100150 mm | 5.91 inches143.1214732147118013511046943150M101221.9 kg | 48.3 lbs
RAC-1008100200 mm | 7.87 inches143.1286337157118013511046943150M101224.2 kg | 53.4 lbs
RAC-10010100250 mm | 9.84 inches143.1357842167118013511046943150M101226.5 kg | 58.4 lbs
RAC-150215050 mm | 1.97 inches2271135243293230170140511133200M101225.3 kg | 55.8 lbs
RAC-1504150100 mm | 3.94 inches2272270293393230170140511133200M101229.3 kg | 64.6 lbs
RAC-1506150150 mm | 5.91 inches2273405343493230170140511133200M101233.3 kg | 73.4 lbs
RAC-1508150200 mm | 7.87 inches2274540393593230170140511133200M101237.3 kg | 82.2 lbs
RAC-15010150250 mm | 9.84 inches2275675443693230170140511133200M101241.3 kg | 91.0 lbs

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