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Electric Torque Wrench SM-AD Series

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  • Model:SM-8AD, SM-12AD, SM-21AD, SM-28AD, SM-40AD, SM-45AD, SM-60AD, SM-80AD, SM-100AD, SM-120AD

    The SM-AD series uses a planetary gear reduction system with a high power output ratio to make the device lighter.

    The SM-AD series uses a color control panel to precisely set the torque and provides a smooth,

     continuous torque control output through a high-performance digital control module.

    Use the CNC control board for target torque setting and digital display, torque adjustment to 1Nm increase and decrease.

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Convenient adjustment mode with supporting gear adjustment mode, suitable for construction environment.

Bolt torque comparison table mode, easy to find the right torque.

Gain adjustment function for quick adjustment of the in-position torque.

Extremely excellent power-to-weight ratio, wider torque range. Lighter and smaller.

Automatic reset anti-seize counteractive arm function for easier operation.

User (operator, administrator) hierarchical function management.

Support third-party intelligent proofreading torque, use software to adjust gain hardware compensation, extend tool life

The torque value of locking and loosening can be recommended according to the strength grade and size of the bolt,

and the reference value can be modified to conform to the actual working condition.

The power supply voltage regulator unit and input voltage rectification feedback control function

can restrain the fluctuation of power grid input voltage and improve torque precision.

Precision ±5%, repeatability ±2%.

Follow-up monitoring of tightening results (failed, success, uncompleted).



ModelSquare Drive SizeTorque Range(NM)Speed(RPM)Weight(KG)Size A(mm)Size B(mm)Size C(mm)Size D(mm)Size E(mm)Noise(db)


What is an electric torque wrench?

An electric torque wrench is a type of power tool that is used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts accurately and quickly. it uses electricity to power its motor instead of manual effort like a traditional torque wrench.

Are electric torque wrenches better than manual ones?

While manual torque wrenches have their advantages, such as being more affordable and portable, electric torque wrenches offer faster and more accurate tightening and loosening. they are also easier on the user's hands and arms as they don't require manual effort.

How do i choose the right electric torque wrench for my needs?

When choosing an electric torque wrench, consider factors such as the torque range, drive size, accuracy, and durability. also, look for features such as a digital display or the ability to save torque settings for different fasteners.

How does an electric torque wrench work?

An electric torque wrench works by using an electric motor to rotate the wrench head, which applies torque to the nut or bolt. the amount of torque is controlled by a digital display on the wrench, ensuring accurate tightening every time.


Good overall service
Good overall service
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Thank you for leaving us positive feedback Rob.
Would buy again and recommend
Would buy again and recommend
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I must also mention that throughout our engagement with SAIVS's team, they displayed professional kn
I must also mention that throughout our engagement with SAIVS's team, they displayed professional knowledge.
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SAIVS has a knowledgeable team that values customer needs.
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