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hydraulic cable cutter CH-85hydraulic cable cutter CH-55hydraulic cable cutter CH-50hydraulic cable cutter CH-45

Manual Hydraulic Cable Cutter

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  • Model:CH-45/CH-50/CH-55/CH-85/

    Cutting Force:60kN

    Cutting Range:≤Φ45mm-≤Φ85mm copper/aluminum cable, 

    ACSR Conductor, ≤Φ20mm steel bar


    Packing:Plastic Box


    Country of Origin:China

    Minimum Order:1Piece

    Application:Shipbuilding and repairRoad and bridge construction and maintenanceOil and gas industry

    Sample:Contact us for free samples




1.Automatic pressure relief, two-stage Hydraulic System, automatic reset when the pressure reaches

2.Cutting work is faster and lighter; Easier cutting

3.Open head design, 360 ° free rotation

4.Manual pressure relief button, release in the middle of cutting off, and quickly reset


modelcutting forcecutting rangeweightpackingrated load
ch-4560kn≤φ45mm copper/aluminum cable, acsr conductor, ≤φ20mm steel bar5.5kgplastic box700bar
ch-5060kn≤φ50mm copper/aluminum cable3.9kgplastic box700bar
ch-55120kn≤φ55mm copper/aluminum cable, acsr conductor, ≤φ55mm steel bar7kgplastic box700bar
ch-8560kn≤φ85mm copper/aluminum cable, ≤3x185mm armour cable6.4kgplastic box700bar


what is a hydraulic cable cutter?

a hydraulic cable cutter is a tool used to cut and strip cables using hydraulic force, which is typically powered by a portable hydraulic pump.

how does a hydraulic cable cutter work?

a hydraulic cable cutter works by using hydraulic force to cut through cables. the user simply needs to position the cable between the jaws of the cutter, and then activate the hydraulic pump to apply pressure and cut the cable.

what are the benefits of using a hydraulic cable cutter?

the main benefits of using a hydraulic cable cutter include its speed, precision, and ease of use. hydraulic cutters can handle thick cables with ease and do not require significant physical force or manual effort.

how do i choose the right hydraulic cable cutter for my needs?

when choosing a hydraulic cable cutter, it’s important to consider factors such as the size and thickness of the cables you need to cut, as well as the frequency of use. look for a cutter with a suitable cutting capacity and quality construction that will provide long-term reliability.

can a hydraulic cable cutter be used for other materials besides cables?

although hydraulic cable cutters are primarily designed for cutting cables, they may also be suitable for cutting other materials such as wire rope, chains, and even some thin metals. however, it’s important to consult the manufacturer's guidelines and specifications to ensure safe and effective usage.


one happy customer
From:Haim | Date:2023-06-26
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Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to others in need of
Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to others in need of a high-quality option.
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Thanks for your positive feedback. We strive to provide superior client service.
Items come in good condition and the it is working great. It is fitting all my sizes . Thank you for
Items come in good condition and the it is working great. It is fitting all my sizes.Thank you for your help and your business
From:Jennifer Roberts | Date:2023-03-11
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We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about us.
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